these gifs still break me

every time i see these gifs, i imagine him reading the hate, crying, and telling himself to stay strong for his fans 

and it really hurts me



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white ppl: *for literally hundreds of years and still to this day* black ppl are ugly!!!
black ppl: *looks in the mirror* bye we look good af? like damn near better than yal...???
white ppl: ....
white ppl: everyone is beautiful, u don't have to put ppl down...

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Me: *points at homura* my precious child
Fandom: no please dont say this...she is the devil 5ever...irredeemable..please no u dont underknow...u are wrong this cant be..she has sinned..u dont know how wrong u are..dont say this wrong thing
Me: *still pointing* luv this precious child


cant be late


cant be late

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Swung by the waves of sorrow; burnt by the fires of anger;

Dazzling as a lightning;

Vowing for eternal love.

Even now we’re far apart, you’re surely not alone right?

As the Moonlight binds us.

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standing in line anywhere like 

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Hot woman: I…. think I’m in love with you

Me: image

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tumblr gays: i just want someone to fuck me raw
tumblr gays: i wanna suck a thousand dicks
tumblr gays: hmu daddies
anon: id fuck you
tumblr gays: go to church *disgusted reaction gif*